The Kariobangi Paralegal Network

 is a legal justice center located in the Kariobangi slums Nairobi whose main objective is to continually provide legal and civic awareness to the sorrounding community as well as promote social justice.

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Promote, protect and safeguard fundamental human rights without discrimination through treaties monitoring.

About Us

We are a team of human rights lawyers, activists and academics.We defend the human rights of the most vulnerable and marginalised. We promote spaces for communities to self-advocate.We are also local to the contexts we work in. This makes our work relevant and sustainable.At Kaparanet, we commit to ensuring that the individual is not lost, spoken over, or made into another statistic.We do not claim to have all the solutions but we are willing to learn, explore, listen and secure justice in a way that means something to the individuals we work with.

Our Service

The community paralegal approach in Kenya grows out of a long tradition of legal activism, galvanized into action during the presidency of Daniel Arap Moi. Prior to Moi’s regime, Kenya’s underdeveloped legal profession served principally as an administrative apparatus in service to the colonial state. 

Rights Consciousness

Educating others in basic law and rights; conveying complex legal-judicial processes in a language that the community can understand..

Making Referrals.

Referring clients to others, including pro bono lawyers, police, local administrative agencies, and other authorities

Community Mobilization

Organizing the community around common issues of concern; sensitizing the community about the need for positive change.


Monitoring government performance in the management of public affairs and resources; documenting cases of abuse and human rights violations


Accompanying the clients in accessing justice, e.g., at a court, administrative office, or service provider. Drafting simple legal documents.


Lobbying Gvt (local) and public officials for action on reforms to policy or practice; participating in stakeholder meetings to better of the community.

Behind the Story

Kariobangi Paralegal Network (KAPARANET is an independent, not for profit registered Community based organization (CBO) that promotes access to justice, through

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Kariobangi Paralegal Network (KAPARANET is an independent, not for profit registered Community based organization (CBO) that promotes access to justice, through

Climb For Justice

Climb For Justice

#ClimbForJustice is a unique way to protest. It is life for justice

What people Say about Kaparanet

At their inception, I had a very rough time with [paralegals] since I felt they were overstepping their mandate. We had to agree on some fundamentals of law – where my powers end and how they can enter into the system. Right away, I can tell you that there are some cases I refer back to them and they forward cases to my office. So we help each other and my work now is very easy

Caleb Wanga

Coordinator Usalama

[Paralegals] have to deal with the challenge of giving legal advice in a small way yet the issues they deal with are very complex. Thus there’s need for upgrading on their capacity building. The training they receive is far too little for the complex matters they do handle.

Ronda Bliss

Community Leader

Before paralegals were trained here, it was really bad, especially in Soweto. But now at least there is security. Instead of people taking up matters in their own hands, they now report to paralegals who then try to resolve disputes or refer.

Community Leader

Soweto Nairobi

hey help a lot to reduce the bulk log of cases in the judicial system; this is because the cases that can be handled by the paralegals are handled with them without necessarily going to court.

Community Member


Now, we have very few cases of family violence, child abuse and neglect as more people have been educated on their rights and they understand consequences for crimes committed and this has given me room to do other things.

Lita James

Communications Specialist

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